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GTA 5 for Android

Grand theft auto 5 is the one of the best-selling games in the history of the gaming world, it’s an AAA title in gaming world, GTA 5 is an action- adventure game, which was designed and published by the Rockstar Games. This game was designed by Rockstar North and published by the rockstar game’s studio. Its is released by in September 2013 for the consoles and for Personal computers in April 2015.

GTA 5 broke all industry records and earning US $800 million in first day and USD 1 billion in three days and later on Rockstar Games introduce GTA 5 for Android.

Grand Theft Auto V for Android Devices

The game has two modes, Single player: Offline story mode and Multiplayer: Online multiplayer game mode.

Offline story modes revolves around the life of the three criminals which has their own life. It’s a Totally open world game in which players have a choice to free roam all around the map. GTA 5 played by the players in first person mode and third person mode in which players having the choice to navigate all the map by foot and various vehicles which are available in the game. GTA 5 for Android story mode has several heist missions in which include shooting and driving game play and on the other side GTA 5 has one of the biggest multiplayer as compared to the other games. In GTA 5 massive multiplayer players joins the lobby and free roam and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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GTA 5 Android Gameplay

Single player modes, or we can say that in story mode, the whole story is revolving around the three characters namely as Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips and Franklin Clinton and all the story of the game is connected with these characters lifestyle and the life of each character. During the completion of missions the story of each character progresses and some missions are played alone by each character and some have helping hands and connected with the all or two of characters. During the missions we can easily switch between the characters and there is an option to switch between every character in the free roam also.

Each character has eight skills which represents their ability to do various things in all over the game play out of the eight skills there is a one special skill used by each character in the game play, this skill is unique in all character such as Michael have bullet time in combat skill, Trevor have skill to give twice much of damage to the enemies and finally Franklin has some crazy slow down the time skill during driving any vehicle in the game.

During free roaming players can do several activities like scuba diving, hunting,base jumping etc and each character have mobile phone which is connected to the internet by the help of which they connected with their friends and various services provided by the agencies, by the help of internet players can do various trade in share market which functions like real share market in the world, players can invest in various business and purchase the share of the various companies and earn money in the game.

During all of the story all characters have some side missions like assassination, some races etc. GTA 5 huge map having various hidden spots which is find by the players with each character and earn reward and experience , player can go flying, swimming and driving with the vehicles.

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