GTA 5 Mobile – Download Updated And Latest Version

GTA 5 Mobile game is known as the best mobile game in the world of gaming. It is developed by the famous game company Rockstar. GTA 5 mobile game is the most popular series after GTA 4. The storyline of this game is to work as a criminal. It included the virtual state of California. This story has three criminals or characters. These criminals act criminal activity in different cities.

gta 5 mobile

GTA 5 Mobile Story

This story is set in a virtual city of Los Santos. Which is situated in San Andreas state. This game is based on crime tales and also includes three criminals. The main person in this story is Michael. He is a thug in the game. In a robbery, he wants to pull a string. But he could not do this and failed. He made a witness protection deal. Michael has a friend. Whose name is Trevor? Trevor is also a criminal. To download APK, download from here.

Trevor and Michael meet together and make a criminal gang. The third person of this gang is a young black boy. They want to complete their jobs. But the whole scenario is totally changed. This story is quite unique. When you play GTA 5 Mobile game, you get more fun and enjoy it.

Game Missions

Players who know the older version of GTA also know the missions of the game. It includes various missions. Which are known as the backbone of the storyline of this game? In a sequence or step by step, missions have to be completed. When players complete the missions and go to the next level. They get money. This money is transferred into their profile accounts. Each game has different tasks and storyline. But the one task is the same for every game. Which is driving the car, murder some army men, collect the secret information. And the final step is to go back for a hostage.

Every mission has different plans. Different plans have different machines and weapons. These weapons are designed in a special way. So, as a whole, this GTA 5 mobile game is a very interesting and most wanted game in that era.

Flaws of GTA 5 Mobile Game

No doubt, it is the most famous and positive game. It includes extraordinary graphics and vehicles. These vehicles give the best riding experience while completing the tasks. But it also has some flaws. When you go to completing some tasks, you feel that there is a little bit of a problem there. Some missions required long term riding objectives. Which is quite tedious.

Sometimes players must frustrate, due to back to the back car riding experience. Another flaw is that there is a lack of a short cut to complete the tasks.


After reading the above-mentioned storyline, you can feel that it is a very interesting story. This story is about three persons who are theft. To complete the missions, it has different levels. Each game has a different level for different players. So, every time you play you meet with different and interesting tasks.

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